Kaleesha Williams

9 Lovers for Emily Spankhammer, November 2015

Word on the street, and in the darkest corners of the Ozark Regional Library at Fredericktown, MO, is that Emily Spankhammer is on the loose!

9 Lovers for Emily Spankhammer, the charming and bawdy creation of Kaleesha Williams and British author Timothy James Brown (A Brief History of Underpants, Quercus Publishing, 2008) is now available on Kindle.

When winsome young Emily's beau is taken from her by an infected beaver bite, she is left both devastated and heavy with child. Driven by revenge, the fantastically attractive southern belle takes the insurance money and opens a ranch. But are a best-selling range of beaver merchandise and combat with her rebellious daughter enough to distract her from the yawning chasm in her achey breaky heart? Or can Emily, with the questionable help of her spirit guide, Sparkle the mostly-invisible pink unicorn, learn to follow her heart and find true love?

But with Sparkle intent on working his way through his own depraved bucket list and the cruel hand of fate tight upon the windpipe of her dreams, destiny seems to have other ideas.

Romance, absurdity, and close calls with death, the law and personal hygiene—join Emily Spankhammer on her unforgettable quest for the true meaning of love.

What people are saying about dear old Emily:

“This book is utterly ridiculous, and I couldn't put it down!” - April

“I loved it. It's a bit weird. But then, that's what makes it such fun. Emily is an engaging unicorn seeing, beaver meister and it gathers giggle pace from the first page. I even had someone ask me what I was reading on the train because they'd never seen anyone laughing out loud while reading on the 8.19 to London Bridge.” - Marston

“A wildly witty roller coaster of human desires, tragedy and profound thinking. Well written and worth the read.” - Galidee

“It's funny, it's a damn good read… At only £1.29 I feel as though I have robbed the authors.” - Its Me

“It's a couple of weeks since I've read this book and I'm still laughing. It is very, very funny. The characters are well thought out and the pace of the book is just right, to say it is a page turner is an understatement. It is a road trip that would have Jack Kerouac himself blushing. It has a great contemporary feel to it but at the same time it is steeped in the writing traditions that are present in all good novels. To sum up it is an hilarious, romantic, sex-filled and at times poignant book.” - Stephen

“Great, imaginative writing, fab characters, excellent story arc and gag after gag after gag. Give it a read - you won't be sorry, and you'll have a smile on your face from start to finish.” - Flipper

“Brilliant book, I couldn't put it down, read in a day. Characters were great, storyline weird but wonderful.....laughed out loud a lot. It's a must read!!” - Tan ya

Free to Be: How I Went From Unhappily Married Conservative Bible Believer to Happily Divorced Atheistic Humanist in One Year and Several Complicated Steps, March 2014

This is not a book about how to get out of religion or how to prove there is no God or how to become a humanist. This book is a collection of one woman’s thoughts over the course of one year as her life changed and her freedom evolved, as she worked her way out of religious bondage, as she decided there probably is no God and considered why mankind wants one (or two or three), as she explored her freedoms, her past, her future, her culture and her universe. Her religion permeated every aspect of her life and therefore the removal of it also deeply affected every aspect.

From her small home in rural Missouri Kaleesha invites you into the innermost areas of her life with warm, personal style. Bits of wit, sadness, beauty and sarcasm abound as she examines the nuances of creating a new life for herself free from the expectations of God. Surrounded by children, goats, chickens, friends and family, she sorts through her relationships and perceptions of herself, her fellow creatures, and the cosmos. This book is an engaging exploration of life, teeming with thoughtful and honest questions about what it means to be human.

What people are saying about Free to Be:

“There is a growing chorus of voices testifying to the experience of freedom that can come from leaving religious faith. In that chorus, Kaleesha Williams stands out as a compelling soloist.” - Joel Justiss, TX, USA

“This book gives me hope for America and Humanity. It is a gripping and heartwarming story of an intelligent woman extracting herself from the quagmire of religious dogma in which she was raised.” —Ulrich Fischer, Canada

“Thoughtful, analytical and endlessly questioning, Williams is determined to take nothing for granted.” —T.J. Brown, Kent, UK

Available on Kindle.

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